Mary Card’s Crochet Book No 1: New Crochet for Australasian Crochet Workers


Miss Card has spent a great deal of time in testing the materials for this work, and in each case mention is made of those she has herself proved. These goods are stocked by the big houses in the leading cities; but for the convenience of workers in outlying parts, and those who cannot obtain them without difficulty, Miss Card has undertaken to supply materials.

She will do this at the price charged by the city shops, plus a small charge to cover expense and time. In remitting, be sure to send the full amount plus postage; any surplus will be returned. It must be understood, however, that the war has affected the supply of materials considerably, both in quantity obtainable and in price, so that she cannot absolutely guarantee the supply and may possibly need to adjust the prices (many of the familiar lines have practically disappeared from the market, and prices of others have doubled or trebled); also that orders are sent at the risk of the purchaser, though every care will be taken. Address: Miss Card, care of ” Everylady’s Journal,” 3 76 Swanston Street, Melbourne.

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