Even though Mary Card’s designs are in the public domain and so are available for general use, the redrawn graphs, along with the stitch and other diagrams in these books are subject to copyright.

Mary Card

Photo of Mary Cards Legacy of Crochet Lace Book Cover

Mary Card's Legacy of Crochet Lace


Mary Card: Australian Crochet Lace Designer


The Technique of Filet Crochet with Mary Card Designs and Methods


Mary Card’s Crochet Lace: Bird Designs


Mary Card’s Crochet Lace: Flower Designs


Mary Card's Crochet Lace: Later Designs

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Irish crochet and Threads

Early History of Irish Crochet Lace


Mademoiselle Riego and Irish Crochet Lace


Irish Crochet Lace in Austria and France


Irish Crochet Lace in the Nineteenth Century


The Structure of Threads for Lace


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