Mary Card’s Crochet Lace: Later Designs

Photo of Book Cover Mary Card's Crochet Lace: Later Designs
Photo of Arabesque centrepiece and doyley set
Arabesque centrepiece

This book of ten patterns completes the series of the most popular filet crochet designs in her charts. It also includes the Conventional Bell-flower chairback claimed to be one of Mary’s designs in the U.S.A. This has not been confirmed.

As this book may be downloaded free from this web page I only list the designs:
Arabesque centrepiece and doyley set.
Victorian Centenary sideboard cloth and runner
Daffodil collar (on cover)
Three-piece fruit set for sideboard or traycloth
Carnation centrepiece
Rose runner and traycloth
Conventional Bell-flower chairback
Honeysuckle guest towel or chairback
Fuchsia chairback guest towel or chairback
Lily-of-the-valley chairback

Photo of Carnation centrepiece
Carnation centrepiece

Title: Mary Card’s Crochet Lace: Later Designs
Price: Free Download

Number of Pages: 30